Add tag to word on Android


It’s just me or it is a known bug that if I want to add a tag to a word by clicking the icon then typing and pressing done, then nothing happens?

(I’m on Android)

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Adding tags on Android is a very tedious experience. You have to press “done” on your keyboard first or it won’t add the tag to the word.

Also, I find that adding tags requires too many clicks since you have to first add the definition to the word AND THEN click on said word AGAIN to add the tag. It would be great to have the tag option appear in the dictionary pop up (both on Android and iOS) so both can be added simultaneously.

@zoran can the team do something about this?

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I can confirm that pressing ENTER on the keyboard before Done helps but it wasn’t intuitive. Thank you for looking into this!

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I agree, up until recently, when I saw posts about tagging on Android, I thought it was impossible to tag on Android at all. I’d just have to either remember to go back to a word on my computer later to add a tag or stop what I was doing on Android and pull open my computer to tag a word I was on.

I haven’t had the energy to try these methods out for tagging on Android, but it’s good to know that it can be a bit tricky.

Tagging should be a bit more intuitive.

Thanks for your feedback. We will look into this and see what we can do to improve things.