Add into dictionary options

It is a great site

Yeah that’s the site I use as well. Good suggestion.

@sparkling - OK, I’ve now added this as a dictionary. If you have any other suggestions let us know!

Talking about Spanish dictionaries, I don’t see (or no longer see) the Spanish-Italian combination for the Dicios dictionary. Could you add it (back), please? Dizionario e Traduttore Spagnolo Italiano (traduzione online gratis)

I also wonder why these and other dictionaries now open in a pop-up.

@mikebond - Sure thing, I’ve now added Italian<>Spanish to this dictionary. As far as the popups go, some sites don’t load properly within the frame, so in order to access these dictionaries they need to be opened in a popup window.

I don’t see spanishdict as an option. Not sure what i can do

All there is is:
Google Search (popup)
Google Images (popup)
Google Translate
Majstro (popup)
The Free Dictionary (popup)
Spanish Verb Conjugation - Reverso
Tatoeba - Example Sentences
Wiktionary (popup) Glosbe

@chumnutzly - hi! SpanishDict should be available. Please click “Edit dictionary settings” and then select SpanishDict. See the screenshot:

It is working now, thanks!