Add more dictionary's


I was wondering if more dictionary’s could be added to Slovak.

I would suggest: (that could be used for other languages as well - it supports a lot)
Slovensko-nemecky slovník | Webslovní
Preklad „Mir“ do slovenčiny -
Linguee | Deutsch-Slowakisch Wörterbuch
That would really be helpful - at the moment I often have to search for separately to find a proper translation.


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Thanks for your suggestion Mr_atlan!
I added Slovak-German combination in all 4 dictionaries you mentioned. Enjoy!

Wow, so fast! You are my hero! Thanks a lot.

I just worked with it and it is fine to have more translation options. Thank you!

When I tested all dictionaries I found that one is not working, I do not know if you could fix it:

It gives always an error message, seems not depending on the word that I search for.
Not Found
The requested URL /slovensky-nemecko/bude was not found on this server.

Sorry, fixed! Please try again, webslovnik should work properly too now. Thanks for letting me know.


Did I mention that you are a hero… :slight_smile: Problem is fixed now. Thank you. Vielen Dank!

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Hi Zoran, I found a new site, could you please add them as well?
This site seems to have some good translations that the other are missing.

Hi Mr_atlan, added!

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Thanks a lot!