Add Hindi, please?

Many years ago, Hindi won a poll as the next beta language that should be added, but then this idea was abandoned due to some “technical difficulties”. Is this still the case?

I tried importing a Hindi text into the Turkish slot, and everything seems to be working correctly. I can create lingqs and mark words as known, and even the Devanagari full stop “|” is detected correctly as not being a word. If there have ever been any issues in the past, this does not seem to be the case any more.


It’s all about the content my friend. Have you got the requisite hours of material (text and audio) to upload into the Hindi slot? If so, they’ll add it. Otherwise, nope.

They already had some content (for testing) when Hindi won the poll with more than a thousand votes. There were a few native speakers promising (on the forum) to add content if Hindi becomes available.

The response was always a link back to this old thread: Facebook Poll Change - Language Forum @ LingQ However, I believe that the “compatibility issues” don’t exist any more.

I thint that we should be able to support Hindi now, so as soon as we have enough content ready for it, we can add it to beta. Next language in line is Farsi, then we will consider which one to add next.


That’s awesome to hear, thanks!

Farsi too? That’s wonderful news, as it’s probably the next language on my list! Do we have a lot of content for it already?

35 Mini Stories are for now done in Farsi, but I expect that all 60 stories will be ready soon!

Wonderful news. Is there anything else? Once I get a hang of the alphabet, I’ll start looking for content to add.

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That’s great. Looking forward to support for Hindi.

I would love to see Hindi supported, but seeing that Farsi is being added too makes me extremely excited :smiley:

Hi, if you need i can add material for levantine arabic, syrian, jordanian, palestanian, dialect of my hometown in alquds.

Do you have any news about Hindi beta ? I’m looking forward to learning it.

Hindi or Farsi, any news?

Farsi is almost ready, it should be added during June. Hindi not so soon I am affraid.