Add audio

I have tried to search for help in the Forum. I can´t figure out how to add audio-files to my lessons. I am able to upload 1 mp3, but if I do another the one disappear. I can´t find them after either. I have read it should be a download button above the lessons, but I can´t find that either. I have 101 small mp3 files I would upload. Can I upload all together or just one and one?

You can only upload one audio file to a lesson. A lesson can’t have several audio files attached to it.

I’m a newbie here. I also want to know more about it. Did you try this speaker icon listed under the comment box? You can try this icon. I hoe this helps!

Ok. It is good in many ways LingQ, but not very userfriendly as I can figure out so far. I can´t even figure out where to find the files after uploading the audio. I know it has to be posible to upload several, maybe not attached to a text, because I have seen other that have uploaded more than one together as a book splitted in chapters with a lot of audios. But with or without text, I can´t figure it out. If someone understand my problem I would like to hear about how it works.

I can´t figure out anything. I didn´t find what you referred either - the speaker icon under the comment box. Maybe there are some tutorial to use? Normally I am not so bad on computers, but LingQ don´t impress me much so far. I see that people do what I am looking for, so it is possible.