Add a list of terms

Another new feature we’ve just added to the site is a batch entry screen for vocabulary terms. You will see under the existing “Add a term” box a new link “Add a list of terms”. You will then be able to type or copy/paste a list of terms, one per line, and add them all at once. We hope you enjoy this new feature which will simplify the addition of any external word lists.

It is a good idea, but how can I add the hints and examples for each word in the list? I tried to use commas, but it didn’t work…

Hi Ana,

At the moment this only lets you add the terms themselves. To add Hints and Phrases you have to open each word in the Vocabulary list. We will eventually add the ability to import and export terms with Hints and Phrases but that won’t be for a few months.

Was this ever completed? How do you do it?

@rjtrudel - Yes, this feature is working. It is only available to Basic, Plus and Premium members and can be found on the Vocabulary page.

I’m sorry I should have been more specific. Is it possible to add hints and phrases yet, I did not see where/if that was available?

@rjtrudel - Yes, you can import csv files with those 3 fields in them.