Add a dedicated "LingQ Dictionary"

This app is a great all-rounder for language learning, but it is missing key features like a dedicated dictionary. With there being a pseudo flashcard system, it would make sense for there to be a place to look up words that haven’t yet been LingQ’d to add to SRS or read the definitions of.
Currently LingQ relies on external dictionaries (which all pretty much share a database anyway.) I’d love if LingQ would make a full feature in-app dictionary section like Jisho, Tangorin, etc. The biggest pain of language learning is keeping track of and using your 4 textbooks, 15 apps, and countless online resources. The building blocks for a dictionary are already here. I’d love if we could get a little bit more bang for our buck.

thanks for your suggestion, we will see if this is something we can do in the future.