Adapted Russian Novels for beginners

I know someone who is learning English and has found many English classics that are adapted and available in different levels.

My question, is, are there any Russian classics (or any books for that matter) adapted into more simple Russian? And if so, could you point me in the direction of some.

Many thanks in advance )

It seems there are. I found a video in youtube in which the first chapter of an adapted version of Azazel by Boris Akunin was read and it provided a link to, where that version can be bought. This is the link:
Азазель (адаптированный текст), Борис Акунин – скачать книгу fb2, epub, pdf на ЛитРес
Notice that the book series seems to be called Библиотека Златоуста
A search for that series in returns a number of results:
Зинаида Пономарева – серия книг Библиотека Златоуста – скачать по порядку в fb2 или читать онлайн
Among them, what appears to be an adapted version of Anna Karenina:
Литрес – сервис электронных и аудиокниг, скачать в fb2 и mp3, читать и слушать онлайн на Litres
and many others.
Notice that the books are quite cheap and they are offered in a variety of formats, including txt
I have bought several books at that site and imported them to lingq without any problem. Among them an unabridged version of “Azazel”, which I am reading and enjoying.

In case you’re interested in the videos I mentioned above, here’s the link to the first of them: