Activity score

How can I see the breakdown for my activity score?

I didn’t think it was broken down. It doesn’t really seem to measure activity per se, mostly just lingq creation and known words obtained it seems.

Like a credit score, we have a vague idea what goes into it, but don’t really know how it goes up and down. That, and because it doesn’t seem to be a a great indicator of how you are doing, is one of the reasons I ignore both.

Maybe Zoran has the computational details.

At some point in the past few months, while poking around the LingQ website, I found a page that showed my activity showing lingQs or known words, reading listening and writing divided up. For the life of me, I just can’t find it anymore. Also, I have seen forum posts about how many activity points one could receive from conversations. At the time, I wondered why my activity was not registering any listening hours at all even though I have many hours of listening. I am trying to add listening hours from the lessons vs just entering them in manually to see if that makes a difference. I am sure there is some kind of math behind it since the score is for the previous 30 days and drops if you have a slow week. Personally, I think the value of any statistics such as “known words” and lingQ created and listening hours, conversation or writing depends a lot on how engaged one is with the activity. I know my listening comprehension is improving as is my enjoyment of it. I am trying to keep an open mind and see how these features on lingQ reflect my experience, and also to help to balance my “time on task” by looking backwards at my recent activity, as I make choices in allocating my time between various learning activities. I have silver apple but would really like to know what that means!

Okay, I’ll try to take a more detailed stab at it.

Your statistics can be viewed in place of your avatar by clicking the tabs above it to swtich btween stats, achievements, and the avatar. You can also see more details under the “My Profile” tab to the right of the Forum and Exchange tabs after you click the “Community” link.

The Activity Apple measures your activity on the site in the last 30 days and is based on your activity score. I see you have a score of 2599, which gives you a silver apple. Spoiler: it turns gold at 4000, but stops changing after that.

The activity score is based on your LingQs created, LingQs learned, 15-minute conversations you attend on LingQ, words of writing submitted to the Exchange, length of conversations hosted on LingQ, and the number of days in have logged into your language in the past 30 days. If you’re a stats guy, think of it as your “z score” ie trying to boil down your activty to one number. At least 10 years ago and before the calculations changed again, Mark Kauffman put up the formula they used but I don’t think it’s still current. Zoran might be able to see the latest if he chimes.

Regardless, I ignore the score completely because it barely indicates your true activities. Sure it tracks known words, lingqs learned, and lingqs created, but the score doesn’t include the two biggest tasks you need to do to know those words and lingqs: listening and reading. They stopped including those because they could be maniuplated manually (well duh, right?) and instead changed the activity to score to track only those things that you do within the linq system and canNOT be changed by the user. They didn’t want people being able to “cheat.” Why anyone would do that and why they should care is beyond me.

To give you a real work example, I noticed years ago that my known words had surpassed 20K, and my writing was good and my speaking was okay, but my listening comprehension was mediocre. So, I decided to do a lot of listening on my iPod and watched a LOT of Spanish NetFlix while reading the Spanish subtitles so I could associate the words that I could effectively read (I was good at that) with the words I was hearing (where I still needed help). I did that for hundreds of hours for months and years, diligently logging my hours, but my activity score cratered since I was taking a break from reading inside LingQ.

So, my suggestion is just to ignore the score and just go by the statistics on your page combined with your own sense of how well you are doing when you try to read, listening, talk etc.


Thanks @ LILingquist , for such a detailed answer to @JanVanderdam question! Appreciate it!

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No prob. Feels good to be back!

Hello LILingQuist, Thank-you for taking the time to post this detailed reply. I did see that formula from Mark some time ago but did not know it had been changed in the system since then. I subsequently lost track of how I found. I also saw some kind of tracking page on the site recently showing a breakdown of my activity but also have no memory of how I came across that page. I don’t pay for conversations or writing submissions so I was not surprised to see no activity there but that page showed no activity for listening. Almost all of my listening is offline but I do click on the + sign for audio I have on the site and offline but the majority is simply entered manually. It could be that the site is not tracking unless I actually listen to the content on the site as you said to prevent “cheating” LOL! In any case, I agree, what matters most if whether I am engaged with the content and I do like to track things like time on task and the number of new words I encounter. So for the time being, I won’t worry about that golden apple being out of reach! Thanks again for your reply!

No prob. Good luck. I hope to tackle French when I finish Spanish.