Activity score not updated

I’ve processed about 3 articles and still my activity score is 0.
Something is wrong.

When did you work with the articles, Greg? Did you save any words? Did you use flashcards?

In English, a moment ago. created and learned words.
In German I learn words (status 4) and still in my profile number of known word hasn’t changed and no activity score increase

It usually takes about twelve hours for the activity score to change as it is updated twice a day. You should be able to see results tomorrow!

Thanks :slight_smile:

in profile i have 0 know words but in progress snapshot I have 1200 known words.

I don’t know! I see 31 known words in your progress snapshot for German, but no known words in your profile. It might be a bug you just detected, we had one a while ago. Let’s see what Mark says.