Activity score coverage

Are activity scores or points limited to LingQ materials or activities only? I am currently learning Portuguese because I recently moved to Brazil so if I watch a Brazilian movie or converse with a local, say for 1 hour, can I enter the hours I spent in the update section of the Progress Snapshot in my Profile page? Similarly, if I read a Brazilian newspaper, magazine, book, etc., can I enter the number of words I´ve read? I´m looking forward to your clarification. Muito obrigado!

Only these activities are counted:

  • created lingqs;
  • learned lingqs;
  • number of conversation with a tutor (x60);
  • number of words submitted to correction.
    Other activities - hours of listening, words of reading and “non-tutored” writing/speaking - are not counted.

YOu can add you extra activities manually, words written, read, spoken, listened to, they just count as zero towards the calculated activity score.

Thanks to both of you for the clarification/explanation. I think this info should be included in the FAQ section. Or is it mentioned somewhere already and I just overlooked or missed it? Anyway, it´s good to know. Have a nice day!

It is explained in the FAQ. Click on the question mark on the community site.

Yes, as these ladies have so kindly answered, you can track all of your activities in your statistics but we only use a limited amount of your activity for the Activity Score. We limit the Activity Score to activities the system tracks to limit any artificial inflation! :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark. That makes sense.