Activity rankings

Well, I know it’s not that important, but I’m wondering why I don’t appear in the Activity ranking, as I have - since yesterday - more “points” than the last two one’s in the list?! Or does it take a week or so to get listed?

I noticed, that the index of one user is far beyond 126.000 :-0 . Is it possible to reach such a high number, or could it possibly be a fake?

It may be a caching issue – we’ll take a look at this.

Regarding the top spot, it’s probably just a robot who’s trying to prove a point :wink:

Talking about this, I think it would be interesting/useful if we could see ourselves in the ranking even when we are not in the Top Ten. I mean, it would be useful to compare our activities with the others’. Would it something possible to implement? I hope my suggestion is clear. :slight_smile:

either he’s just faking it to get on the top, or he’s already fluent in english like you or me, and is simply strolling through for the heck of it and clicking “known” for all the words he already knows. Then there could be the legitamate reason of improving his already fluent english past the normal level. My native language is english, but I could add material from certain novels and find several words to Link here and there.

@mikebond - Not a bad suggestion. This is common in a lot of other ranking systems, so perhaps it’s something we can add to our list.

Glad you like my suggestion, Alex!

Thanks for the quick response!

@ I like your suggestion, too. It could possibly be motivating for those, who like to “compete” - in a certain sense - with other members.

And here is my dumb question: where is this Activity ranking? :slight_smile:

@eugrus - Just click on the Friends tab at the top and you’ll see it :slight_smile: