Activities within the Lessons

I am currently working my way through the beginner material in Spanish and was wondering what activities people do within the lessons? (the review stage)

I currently am just highlighting unknown word as yellow then once the lesson is completed I then use the flash cards within the lesson then move onto the next lesson?


This could be a good way of studying, as long as you enjoy it. Working with flashcards could become boring. If so, just move on to the next lesson. The words you linked will pop up again in the following lessons in a new context.

Hi there, I would like to suggest you that use dictionary to learn the unknown words immediately while you are reading the lesson.

within these lesson I cannot turn this function off? so I am kinda having to do these flash cards

You can turn it off: from the lesson page, go to settings (little cogwheel icon) and disable “Review lingqs when paging”

Even if you don’t turn it off, you can hit the “X” in the corner to quit out of the flashcards and go back to the reading.

I like to listen to the recording first, and after I’ve read it, listen again to see if my understanding improved. I might also check line by line to see whether I’m pronouncing it the same way as the recording. I may also try to memorize a line or two at a time, and see if I can recite it without looking at the screen. Sometimes this makes me notice or remember additional details.

You can also get some review from the daily LingQs email… The link takes you to flashcards, but you can also just read through the list for a reminder.

I like to go through the lesson, clear all the blue words by lingqing them and coverting them to yellow. Then, I’ll read through the lesson, looking at the lingqs for the words I don’t know. Then I’ll read the lesson again while listening to it. I might review flashcards at moments in between, on line, lunch, etc. if I feel like it.