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Please can someone tell me how to get rid of the Active Playlist. It has everything I’ve ever downloaded in it and despite me clicking on the delete button, which does makes it disappear temporarily, it just reappears when I come out and go back in again. Also, how do I stop all my downloads automatically going into this list?

Many thanks. J

I ignore the active playlist entirely. It’s not manageable because everything gets dumped in there regardless, even if I end up hating the content I listen to and never want to hear it again… I couldn’t find a way to manage it. Instead I just create my own playlists and manually add the things I wanted to those. It’s a little work, but for me it’s worth it to have dedicated playlists for the things I might want to listen to. So now it’s easy for me to scroll to the right playlist and just listen to the one I want on repeat.

I know that doesn’t help with how to actually get rid of the annoying active playlist situation, but that’s how I have got around it. Ignoring it!

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Active Playlist can’t be disabled or removed. Any lesson you open will be added to it automatically. You can’t create/remove other playlist and adjust them, but not the Active one.

Hi Zoran

Is it possible to have a ‘one click delete’ for ALL or ‘a RANGE of ticked’ tracks in the ‘active playlist’ which would avoid having to delete every single track one at a time?

This type of functionality is already used in the course/lesson edit pages, and it would be helpful and greatly appreciated if it could be replicated to the active list.

Thank you, Frank

Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll see what we can do.

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Thanks everyone. I’ve also turned off the “Add completed lessons to playlist” - not sure what this does but it can’t hurt