Account upgrade... feature? Bug?

Me again. :smiley:

So, on the account page it says that if we didn’t get the 500 point bonus we can upgrade from Basic to Plus briefly, and then just downgrade after we get the bonus. Well, a couple of weeks ago I upgraded to Plus.

It wouldn’t let me downgrade then - the page just returned nothing when I tried. So I decided to wait on it for a while.

Today, I clicked the “Basic” button to downgrade… and I was downgraded. To Free.

I don’t know why it happened (and yes, I clicked the right button), but I find it very annoying that I’m now going to have to pay again to get all my access back when I didn’t screw up in the first place.

Basically, I seem to have chosen a very elaborate way of buying 500 points.

Can y’all fix this so that it doesn’t effect others in a similar way?


Edited to add:

When I check my Paypal recurring payments, the $10 a month subscription is in there! It’s listed as active! (Can send a screenshot if you want.)

Maybe they just did something to change the API, which broke your code?

Hi galiana,

Sorry about that. There is a problem with our interaction with their API for people paying with Paypal accounts as opposed to paying with a credit card. We are looking into it but have not been able to identify the problem. The correct actions are taking place on PayPal but the new membership level is not being sent to us and is therefore not set up properly in our system and defaults to Free. I have manually added the correct information to your account now so you don’t have to do anything more. The subscription you set up is active.

Thanks Mark! Looks like it’s working ok now. :slight_smile: