Account functionality issues

There seems to be some problems with my account.

I’ve been consistently meeting my daily goal, for over a month now, even doubling it most days, however whenever I sign onto LingQ again, it tells me I’ve lost my streak. So it seems like the function that handles that is broken.

Also, even though I have in my settings to receive daily emails on vocabulary words, I never receive them.

I’ve emailed 4x now with no response. Hoping I can maybe get this solved here.

I checked our support inbox and there is no any email received from you there. Sorry if you waited for a reply, I’ll check our spam.
Regarding the streak issue, do you have correct time zone selected on your profile?
Make sure that you do, on the Profile settings page: Login - LingQ and that should solve your problem.

You were also completely unsubscribed from our email system, I just subscribed you back and you should be receiving all emails regularly from now on.

Thank you! I just changed the time zone. Also, just for future reference, if I decide to unsubscribe from daily emails, but then want to receive them again, would I need to reach out to you again to have that done?

From now on you should be to adjust your email settings manually on the notifications page:

Thank you!