Accidentally completed a lesson

i accidentally completed a vocab lesson which has moved over 3000 words into known. Is there anyway to undo this? I really don’t want to have to manually move items back to unknown and its going to mess with my stats.


Sorry, but there is no way to undo it. You will need to manually go through words and save them/ignore them or just leave them known.

That’s annoying but thanks Zoran.
Can I provide some feedback then and suggest not having the completed lesson on the actual text page of the lesson where its easy to miss click. Perhaps move it into the side menu instead.

Yes please, great idea … lost count of the number of times I’ve done that too …!


I use the setting that moves blue words to known when you change page. If you change page by misstake, only the unknown words on that page risk being incorrectly moved that way.

This would be a very easy fix. 8 months later and still the same.

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Dealing with this problem right now. Such a shame.


Will be improved in the update we are working on.


I just did this myself. Very frustrating. Usually, I use the app on my iPhone, but I bought a new iMac and I’m not used to the different settings. I moved the entire chapter of a book to known words. Merde!!!


I’ve been noting this problem for years now. It’s one of those most frustrating things about using this platform. It’s a bizarre feature that only makes sense if you are actually much more advanced then the lesson you are working on. I have lots of words floating around that I don’t know but come up as known because of this. Also, a more useful feature would be the inverse – the ability to mark the rest of the words that you haven’t selected to be “ïgnored”. That way, when there are a lot of words that you didn’t link to because (1) they are not in the language you are studying (usually english for me); (2) proper names of people and places; (3) in the case of Japanese, hiragana words (non-kanji) that I wouldn’t want counted, you can just have the system ignore those. That would be far more useful and efficient for the learner.

When is this update scheduled for?

Just had this happen again for the “third” time and I’ve only been a member for a little under a month. They can’t fix this soon enough. The left and right arrows on each side of the content (on a pc) are two close to the body/text/content. Its so easy to accidently click on the right arrow to accidently move to the next page. Increasing the padding or margin around the content to move it a little further away from the left and right arrows so as to avoid accidently clicking on them would be a quick fix.

In 2-3 months. Maybe sooner, we are working on it. :slight_smile:

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May I confirm: do I “complete” a lesson when I have completed reviewing the words by moving them to lingqs and has nothing to do with how many times I will listen to it later? Please shed some light, thanks.

Lesson is considered completed when you reach the Complete lesson screen (click :heavy_check_mark: on the last page in a lesson).

Sorry, my question is not in terms of how to use the website, but in terms of how to use Steve’s 7-goal approach. (Do I have to ask Steve at his Youtube channel?)

Sure, or you can post question on Ask Steve forum here.