Accidental Linq

I accidentally linq-ed a group of words in my mobile app. They are Japanese words and I don’t really know them. I accidentally converted all the words in one of my lessons and now I can’t see the translation. Is there a way to unlinq them until I learn what they are?

If you click on the linq you will see a scale of 1-x on the page. I believe you can unlinq words by clicking the red X.

Thanks. I think I got my terminology wrong. I think I clicked the button that converted all my words to KNOWN words. That is what I meant.

Is there a way to see the list of words that you have marked as known?

Hi! From the app you won’t be able to remove words from your Known Words. However, you can do this from the site. To do so, just re-highlight one of these words with your cursor then select a hint or click “Search dictionary” in the blue popup.

It isn’t possible to see a list of your known words. Instead, you can go back to the lesson you were studying and adjust the ones that you accidentally added to your known words list.

Thanks. I will try that and let you know.