Accident victim wakes from coma speaking French

Pretty weird, huh? Apparently he only knew basic French from school, yet woke up from a coma speaking fluent French with nurses!!

Is this actually possible, I wonder?!

(If so, maybe I could pay that martial arts dude, Christophe Clugston, to give me a good beating - perhaps I’d wake up speaking Japanese, or something! :-D)

That might be something to consider because I’m not making any progress at all.


Of course it’s a little different situation, but one of my favorite moments here lately was when my girlfriend informed me she has caught me speaking Spanish in my sleep a couple times.

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@ Prinz Jogi
I don’t think you’d have to pay Clugston. Just call yourself a linguist and go to Thailand so he can hunt you down :stuck_out_tongue:

Very interesting indeed. Reminds me of reports where subjects during past-life regression hypnosis start to speak a foreign language! So the explanation might be of a much more esoteric nature, than the explanation of the scientist in the youtube video gives, who believes that somehow we all have de-activated ‘circuits’ of other (all?) languages within our brains.