Accessing "nested" lingqs

Hello, I am unable to easily do this on the desktop version of lingq, as well as the Android version. Sometimes I will make a phrase a lingq, and in addition, I will make one of the words in that phrase a separate lingq. It is very difficult to access the “inner”, or individual word lingq, once the phrase lingq that contains the individual word lingq has been created.

The same thing is the case with the Android version of the app. It would be great if, while reading texts, I can easily access all of my lingqs. One service that I found that is sort of able to handle it is, although marking phrases with their service is much more difficult than marking phrases on lingq.

Is this something you’re aware of and looking into?

Hi! You can access “nested” LingQs from the website, though not yet from the mobile apps.

To do this on the site, simply click on the phrase you have selected to open up the yellow pane on the right. From there, you will be able to click on blue/yellow words in the phrase shown at the top of the yellow pane:

At some point in the future we do hope to add this ability to the mobile apps as well.