Sulla mia tastiera non sono disponibili gli accenti della lingua tedesca, pertanto quando faccio esercizi di dettato, mi risultano errori su alcune parole perchè non posso mettere l’accento che serve. Come posso fare?
My keyboard does not have some accents used in the German language. Because of this I cannot do some exercises as specific words are considered wrong written even if they are correct. How can I solve this problem?

There’re in Windows a lot of Languages, among them German.
You have to open this page in Windows (in tools) and to add the German language to your keyboard.
I have for example 6 languages on my computer keyboard.
The main letters are at the same places, but some letters you have to remember where they are in the new language.
It isn’t so difficult.
At least you will have: ö,ä,ü,ß.
Viel Erfolg!

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