Accents option

I have been looking through the library and I can’t find the ‘accents tag’ there used to be a couple of months ago. For example if I was looking for something in English I could choose from a variety of accents such as Canadian, American, British, Australian… But I can’t find it any more. Any suggestions?

They are now mixed up with the other tags. I’m not happy with these changes (and other neither). You have to look in the general list of tags.


Honstly I gave up to try to find something on the library, there was some changes there what made difficult, things that was very simple to find.


Lingq shouldn’t have removed the accents filter. Stupid move on their part.


@AntonioGV - As VeraI notes above, the accents have been converted into tags.

The tags for accents (at least in spanish library) are still not working. When I choose tag of “Mexican” for example…the search comes up with no courses nor lessons???

@opewale - Sorry about that! We’re aware of the issue in the Library. In the meantime, you can go to the Learn page then click “+ New Course” and select a tag on the right to view results for this specific tag. We’ll get the Library tags working again as soon as we can!