Accent on audio is wrong

The audio for Russian words has changed to an accent that sounds Australian. I want Russian words to be pronounced by a Russian voice. How can I change it?

You can use free online dictionary. For example It has the audio records for almost every word, pronounced by native speaker.

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Hi janf,
The TTS is different on different platforms and browsers. There isn’t much we can do about it since problem is related to Google Translate TTS, but we are looking to find solution and to make TTS sounds same on all browsers.
Which browser are you using? Can you try another browser and check if there is an improvement? From our experience, it seems that TTS sounds much better for some languages on Firefox than on Google Chrome.

Jan, honesty speaking, I don’t think that the accent of the flashcrds is so important.
When I started 6 years ago, there wasn’t any voice of the flashcards, however we succeded in learning different languages.
The flashcards are first of all for the revision of words, not more.
Listen more to the real Russian podcasts in, you can listen there to the correct Russian pronunciation.
Good luck!

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