About writing

I submitted my writing to have my writing corrected 3day ago.But nothing has been happened so far.
Tutor I chose just do not check my writing or am I doing wrong?
(I just wrote my writing,chose my tutor , bought 1000 points and submitted it. After I submitted,I have 580 points left now.)

If this tutor has not started to correct your writing, you can choose another corrector. Also you can write on the tutor’s wall and remind him/her to correct your writing. :slight_smile:

After I wrote this ,I just checked if my writing corrected or not.My writing is now being corrected(finally). Thank you for giving me some advices Sakura(my niece’s name is Sakura too!).

As Cakypa says, if you don’t get your writing back within a reasonable time, you should choose another tutor to correct it.