About translation

hi, dear Administrators! I have corrected some words and expressions for the site. But now I see that my version hasn’t been accepted and the wrong translation is in use. Does it mean that it makes no sense for me to go on?

@shubina - Which translations are you referring to?

from English into Russian
not for the students but for the site

@shubina - Ah, yes! These translations aren’t updated automatically but instead are updated all at once. We typically update the translations at least once a week, so any changes you make to the translation files will be updated when the translations are next updated. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation, Alex. But I’m afraid I made those corrections more than a week ago. How do you usually choose the final version?
And by the way - I subscribed to be a tutor here. It attracts me a lot to teach Russian to foreigners. But I can not understand the way it is paid. Could you give me a hand and make it clear for me? Thanks

@shubina - We’ll make sure these translations get approved and updated. What is your username on the translation site? You can learn more about points and tutoring on the following page: Tutoring Help

I am “class centre” on that site. I don’t insist , you know. I simply wonder how it works. Thanks a lot, Alex. Have a nice day.