About the spanish "ABSOLUTE Beginner"

ive chosen the “absolute beginner” course for Spanish, but it starts with greetings/ simple new words etc.
but im an absolute beginner and know nothing about the Spanish alphabets and their pronunciation.
which course should i take to learn these basic things for Spanish???

also it seems the “absolute beginner” only focuses on conversations and new words
how about grammars???


@restwest - LingQ’s learning method focuses more around learning a language in natural context rather than learning as you would from a typical textbook. As a beginner, the language will be unfamiliar to you. However, as you continue reading and listening to lessons and saving words that you don’t know, your understanding of the language will increase and you will become more familiar with the language.

I encourage you not to worry about nailing everything down, as it isn’t really possible. Instead, trust that you will gradually improve as you continue exposing yourself to more and more content.

thanks a lot!
i’ll try and see how it works :smiley:

restwest see what Steve said about our collection:

Steve Kaufman (creator of LingQ, on our Absolute Beginner collection): “These are excellent. An easy introduction to the language through listening and reading, without trying to nail anything down. Just slowly starting to absorb the rhythms and structures of the language, and picking up a few words and phrases that will have to be revisited again and again.”

Absolute beginner - slow ABSOLUTE Beginner - LingQ Language Library : Start here
Absolute beginner - fast ABSOLUTE Beginner revisited - LingQ Language Library : Once you have studied the slow version, you can move to this natural speech one.

Spanish lessons at Lingq