About the sharing system

Hi, I’ve tried sharing my own content a couple of times, but your sharing system seems too restrictive to me. For example, I had to have a picture exactly of a certain size to represent the content I was trying to share.
I think if there were less restrictions, people would share more content.
So, that’s my idea.

Hallo apbl,
bitte sei so gut und schreibe deinen englischen Text in das englische Forum - oder kannst du verstehen, wenn ich dir hier auf Deutsch antworte auf deine Gedanken antworte? (Please write your english text in the english forum, here is the German forum! Or can you understand when I answer in German?
Mfg. Irene

Ich bin mir nicht sicher, aber ich glaube, dass es im Moment das Forum fuer alle Sprachen ist.

I think this forum is for all Languages at the moment. After all, I am viewing it from the French site.

I also found the sharing system frustratingly inflexible at times. It can be time-consuming to put stuff up there, but I trust Steve and co. will improve things in time!

First of all, apbl and Sakaya, we agree the sharing system is too restrictive. We will work to improve it. We want to remove all obstacles to sharing. Thanks for the feedback and stay tuned.

Irene and Sakaya, most of the forums with the green icons are common forums to all languages. The only forums that change with the language are the “Ask Your Tutor” forum and the content related forums. There is also an EnglishLingQ Forum in English only. We will try to identify the type of forum more clearly.

I agree on the restrictive nature of sharing and we value your feedback and will improve it. We need to strike a balance between what is easy for the user and the restrictions that sometimes are imposed on us by the system. And then we have to find solutions. Thanks for the comments. I love it.

Hello, and excuse to apbl,

now I understand to see this text from all language pages.
I think it is very nice to be able for connection with members around the world.

Nun habe ich es verstanden, dass wir hier von jeder Sprachseite aus Kontakt miteinander haben können, egal in welcher Sprache wir schreiben möchten. Eine feine Sache.

As a temporary solution to the image size problem, we have now removed the need to have an image when sharing content. Therefore, if you don’t have an image that is the correct size, you can upload your content with no image. The system will then add a default “LingQ” image instead. We can’t allow images of different sizes since this will make the pages display strangely. We do hope to have an automated resizer sometime in the future.