About the Settings page

What does “Exchange Requests” under the heading of “Tutor Notification Settings” on the “Notifications & Emails” page mean?

I did not receive any mail notification about the booking for the conversation class. Is this related to this setting? I did not choose any language in the box below.

I sometimes receive promotion messages from LingQ, but they are sent to my Email address that is not shown on the Settings page. I don’t think my mailer program rejects the Email messages from LingQ because I notice that the address on the Settings page at LingQ can receive Email messages from the LingQ customer service.

Hi Yutaka,
No, by selecting “Exchange Requests” language (your teaching language) you will be able to do writing corections and other tutoring services.
I checked your account and for some reason you were unsubscribed from all LingQ emails. I have just subscribed you back so hopefully you will be receiving all the emails regularly from now on.

Thank you.