About the points of the activity

It’s always a riddle for me how the points of the activity are calculated.
I think maybe they are calculated only according the numbers of new Lingqs, it means new words.
If my guess is correct, so it’s very unfair because if you don’t know or know badly the language, you make more LingQs and receive more points of activity, but if you know good the language you meet less unknown word, so you make less Lingqs and so you receive less points of the activity.
For example I had more points of activity during my first year when I had more unknown words and had to make Lingqs; and now I have less points of activity though I spend much more time in the Lingq system and for the Ling system.
I’m not an ambitious teenager and I don’t burn with the desire to be the first in the list of the most active members, but I was always the supporter of the fair game.
I believe that by the calculating of the points of activity we have take in account not only the mechanical creation of lingqs, but also the quantity of the learned materials, time of using the Lingq system, work with flashcards, shared lessons and participating in the Forum.
And how do you think, friends?

I am also a bit unsure of how this works. I am more active on LingQ than I have ever been, yet I am not sure that my activity score was ever so low! I think you are right, Evgueny. I would like to see >activity points<, not LingQing points. Your suggestions are great, I think, although I would like to know more about the scores are calculated in the current system.

This is the official answer from Community Help

“The Activity Score measures your activity on the site in the last 30 days. It is calculated as follows:
Activity Score = Created LingQs+Learned LingQs+Words of Writing+(# of Conversations*60).
Manually entered Writing and Speaking numbers are not included in the Activity Score.”

That said, I agree that tutoring activities, lessons created, forum postings and so on should be included in the activity score, but I’m not sure of how they could manage them.

We’ve had some great suggestions in the past regarding enhancements that we can make to the Activity Score calculation, and we’ll keep these suggestions in mind as well. One of the main issues is that it isn’t always clear how many activity points an activity should get, such as a forum post or a flashcard session. However, when we get a chance to give this a proper look we may ask for some feedback on things that should be included in the calculation.