About the new LingQ Android App

@wiesel - Glad you got it working properly. If you notice any other problems, let us know.

I think many are frustrated when upgrading and nothing works, you also got some nasty comments on the app market place and bad rating from this. You’ll win a lot if things just works after upgrading.

It would be nice to be able to listen to the audio :slight_smile:

Since smartphones are equipped with large amount of memory I would like to see much caching and only updating if necessary.
Also I forgot my phone in my jacket with lingq app running (screen was blacked out) for maybe two or three ours and then the battery was all out. At the moment there seems to be a high cpu to feature ratio (since it actually just shows the text of the lesson).

Thanks for the useful feedback.

We’re continuing to work on optimizing the app and ironing out the bugs that remain. With the restricted functionality, we made the decision to have the Android app reflect the current iOS app. While this means removing some functionality for free users, it does allow us to be consistent across the board for our current list of mobile apps.

I noticed that
I can play the audio of shared content but the one that I imported as private
and the list of lessons is incomplete, I miss a lot of my imports

Alex, develop the Android within its capabilities and people would just buy the better phone. “Sorry, we’re going to have to restrict the top speed of our newest model of Ferrari because…the Russian Lada Samara doesn’t quite keep up with it.” hehehe

But, you know I hate the things. So what do I care? It just sounded funny. :slight_smile:

@wiesel - We aware of the issues with imported audio and the list of lessons, and have them on our to do list. Sorry for the delay!

@Imy - It’s actually a matter of matching the functionality present in the iPhone as well as what is available to Free vs. paying members, not anything related to performance restrictions or intentionally slowing things down.

I confirm what wiesel just said. But can I present some technical background on this issue that I’ve noticed: the Android app does play audio for some lessons, which audio is located on s3 amazon service for example, but could not play audio that is located on lingq.com site because the app gets no full link (I mean the link in format “http://lingq…”), but gets the relative link (in format “/some_folder_on_ligq.com_site”).
Hope it will help to improve the app.

And I have some more suggestions/requests:

  1. it would be great to have a feature to make linq’s by this app. I see it at least the way it is implemented on the site: we see the words that are new for us in some blue color, we mark unknown word, then we may view the suggested translations (which the app should download on line at this moment) and choose the suitable one.
  2. I have an extreme need in “Cloze” test on my device. I think it should not take a lot of time to implement it, because the functionality is very close to flashcards.

Thanks anyway for a great job.

I have dug a little deeper on the issue with nonplayable audio and realized that I was in hurry with the conclusions. All audio files are imported to s3 amazon unless they are linked directly from other sites.
For now I see that the app doesn’t even try to download the audio that has spaces in it’s path (that is the case if the user downloaded the audio that had spaces in filename).

Don’t punch me for my hurry with previous conclusions, please, I promise to be more careful )

So, all users who have had troubles with listening for their own imported lessons don’t have to wait for the new version of the app to be able to listen, just replace your audio files in your lessons with the versions with no spaces in filenames. And be patient to wait for file to be downloaded to the app storage (if it is a couple of megabytes length).

And the rest of suggestions are still in demand.

@machor - Thanks for the suggestions. Both of these are pretty major tasks. At some point we would like to improve the LingQ creating interface on mobile devices. I don’t think we’ll be adding the cloze test to the app any time soon, but I encourage you to use the cloze test by visiting the site from your mobile device – it seems to work pretty well.

Also, thanks for spending some time tracking down the bug. I’m sure this information will come in handy when we address the issue with certain audio files not playing :slight_smile:

Not at all, it was always interesting for me to hunt down bugs, it’s some kind of a challenge for me so I couldn’t avoid solving it )
And that was not just another guess, I’m sure couse I checked it with my own imported lessons which the app didn’t play audio for before.

Concerning the “Cloze” test - of course I tried it by visiting the site from my Android phone, but with about of 90 words it is tooooo slow (it takes a lot of time to wait for the result of your answer and much more time to get a card with the next word) and I don’t think that upgrading CPU from 800 MHz to 1 GHz with solve the problem. By the way, do not consider it as offtop as we are speaking about this feature here, is there any API to get the whole vocabulary in one json transaction? Or is there any chance for such API to be implemented, because the way to get the text of every lesson to finally have all vocabulary words in one array is not a good idea at all? The “/api_v2/en/repetition-lingqs/” link just gives words added to the vocabulary in 5 last days.

If there are some other bugs that all users are experiencing (all, because I have just one device to check :slight_smile: ) I can help hunting them (the bugs, not users :slight_smile: ) in the sake of users’ couse the idea of the project is great and it has to live at any rate. In addition I have the topic to practice the English writing, I hope it’s not so bad and I may count on at least “D” mark :slight_smile:

Best regards,

With the cloze test, the more words you view at a time, the longer it will take. I might suggest opening up the list you’d like to study on the Vocab page, then changing the “Show: ___” to 25. This should make it more responsive.

Thanks for the offer to help. If we need more information about any specific errors, I’ll be sure to let you know! :slight_smile:

By the way, you may want to post your API-related question over at the LingQ Developer Forum: Lingq Developer Forum - Language Forum @ LingQ

I’ve already reported the following problem itself here some time ago.
Recently, I had a chance to dig it a bit: hints are not shown in the lingqs of the day flashcards once you’ve disconnected from wi-fi (don’t normally use 3G) and switched to “my lessons” and then tried to go back to the lingqs of the day.

We have just uploaded a new version of the Android app which should be more stable and which allows you to install the app on the SD card. We continue to work on improving stability so bear with us. Thanks to spacejumper Login - LingQ for all his hard work!