About the missing chapters of the German version of Steve Kaufmann's book The Linguist

I’m currently reading the German version of The Linguist: a Personal Guide to Language Learning by Steve Kaufmann and I found that there are a whole lot of missing chapters (no. 27-no.46, maybe even more). Would the Lingq team please re-upload these missing chapters ASAP? Thank you very much, I (and probably a lot of other people) would really appreciate your help!


Sorry but I don’t think we have missing parts available for importing at the moment. I’ll check with Steve if we can get and upload them.


Many thanks for bringing this course to our attention. I hope LingQ team will reupload missing chapters. The Linguist was written by Steve, the man we all “know” - and it makes this book an especially interesting read!


fingers crossed👌

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It would be most marvellous if you guys can get it fixed. I’m looking forward to reading the complete version. Thanks!

I am also looking forward to read the entire book. Waiting for an answer…

Sorry but that’s what we have for now in German version of “The Linguist” book.

Thanks for checking. By any chance can the rest of the book be made available in text-only mode?