About the languages that are not in the system

I’ve seen some post in the past talking about how they used one language as host for another, for example Esperanto for learning Irish or something. What are thoughts? Have tried that and if so, what are your tips for learning with that method?

Hi, AK1809!

Not sure exactly what you mean by “Esperanto for learning Irish or something”.

The idea is simply:

  • Use a language on LingQ that you don´t intend to use in the future (let´s say Romanian).
  • Fill this language slot with your own material, e.g. Suaheli.
  • Read / listen to your material as you always do on LingQ. Maybe after first resorting to some “warm-up” approaches like Pimsleur, Michel Thomas, Assimil, etc. - at least if the language you want to learn is too distant from your native language or the second languages you already know.

As far as I know that´s all.

Have a nice day

Thank you for replying. By Esperanto for Irish I meant exactly what you said, using a language that you don’t need like a host for the content from the language you want to learn.

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Shouldn’t they ban this kind of stuff, and just allow people to add any language they like? Isn’t it messing up dictionary of given language?

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