About the Doctor's writing: "my Language Adventure"

Hi there! I studied these collection and noticed some typos - you’ll easily find them, the words are highlighted in blue since they are necessarily unknown. The recordings don’t always stick to the texts as well.
Something else struck me. In the fourth part, there is a sentence that goes “when it will be added in lingQ in the future” about which I’m a bit dubious. Is the future tense in this case, justly used?
By the way, the reader’s voice is really good and attractive.
Last but not least, the Doctor’s experiences are quite interesting.

I suggest:

…when it is added to LingQ in the future

I think it is

I did expect Helen’s answer. Indeed, after the preposition when, and to tell an event that will happen in the future, the prevailing tense is the present.
Ex: When I am 16 years old, I will learn to drive a car.

Is the use of future tense in this case, admitted in casual English?

Helen’s suggestion is a very elegant one. I’d always go for her solutions and, in any case, “when it will be added in LingQ in the future” is tautology: “will” already shows the future use.

In anticipation of a further of her elegant replies, I shan’t answer your last question, Serge, apart from saying: go for it!

Thanks, I corrected it :slight_smile:

I recorded most of the parts (except 3) on rhinospike and I’m sorry if I didn’t stick to the text exactly. There were a few occasions where the Doctor’s writing was very good, but not perfect, so I substituted more natural English. In the future I’ll make a note to stick to the script, or at least point out the parts that I change.

I can’t answer on behalf of The Doctor, since he his the author of these texts, but I personally would prefer you to use conversational English when reading, hence my preferment for your version.

I hope you won’t take offense.
By the way, I almost recognized myself in your story, regarding my aversion to foreign languages at school (“my parent’s choice” for German as a first foreign language, the prohibitive number of teachers and their tendency to constantly size students up.)

serge: I am glad that somebody has read my adventure :slight_smile: I havent read them after recording, because I knew what was it about, so I just listened to them :slight_smile: So I thought that there are no corrections :slight_smile:
Yeah, I think that a lot of people have similar experience :slight_smile: