About some moral principles in the Forum

It has never been here before, but it happens more and more during several last months after coming here some maybe even clever, but very caustic and careless young people. They are kidding, rthey are making fun of other people not thinking that their remarks can offend these people, hurt their feelings.
I don’tr speak about myseld, I’m an old fighter, and I can answer very sharply and scathingly for every injury. I’m able to stand for myself.
But this thread ‘GERMAN words I cannot understand’ filled me with indignation.
The thread wad started with the post of 14-year girl(!) who only starts with trying our site. Yes, I and someone more answered her quiestion, but after that our careless young people started to train their doubtful ‘wittiness’ here, forgetting that the thread was started by a young girl and that she has to receive all that rubbish.
Moreover, after the girl, her mother, Vera and I asked them to stop their logorrhea here and to start a new one for their verbiage, they didn’t understand our warnings and continued already openly insulting the girl and her mother.
They could at least go to the profile of the girl to see that she is only 14(!), but they are not able to understand that they behave like naughty kids or cruel teenagers. I am outraged!
Our forum became to be dangerous! That’s why I think we must settle some moral principles for our forum.


Please indicate the posts where we were rude BEFORE horsecrazy was rude. Please do that. I would love to see that post. Because we were friendly and chatty… answered her questions and then she arrogantly came on and said “thanks…but now I have to read all this” (essentially sounding ungrateful). And so we pounced. Then we found out she was 14. Soorrrrryy. And I think we all know her now… so we’re going to be a bit gentler in the future. But seriously, get OFF your superior morality horse (pun intended).

You sir are feeding the trolls. And we love eating. nom nom nom nom

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Oh btw, a few of us actually checked her profile. and 14 wasn’t on there until mommy came around.

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I have never seen a forum for a specific product, apart from the one here for Lingq, have such a lack of rules. I have yet to decide if Lingq’s peculiarity in this respect is a good or a bad thing.

That being said, I believe the response that Horsecrazy received, upon her misguided second post, to be one that should have been expected by anyone who has spent any amount of time on the internet. Fourteen years old is young, yes, but I do remember checking her profile prior to the fiasco, and I did not see this fact stated. I do not believe the parties involved would have said what they had said should they have known this fact.

In any case, she, and her mother, should have made themselves aware of the Lingq forum rules,or lack thereof, prior to her posting. It is not the lingq community’s responsibility to protect other people’s children from what happens, for the better or for the worse, here.


The sad part is… IT WAS AN INTERESTING THREAD. I mean, I found that song video quite fascinating. All those German dialects… how cool. And we would have never seen that if the thread didn’t go offtopic.

I think at this point we’re just beating a dead horse.

Evgeniy, I’m with you on this. The amount of vile meanness on the interwebs always at a standby ready to spill out never ceases to amaze me.

And the amount of "poor me"ness on the interwebs at a standby ready to spill out never ceases to amaze me.

I say again, show me where we were rude BEFORE we perceived what she said as rude. I’ve read the thread. I don’t see anything

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¨Who knew that a simple translation question could go to talking about an argument about one word, cigarettes, quiting smoking, to different dialects. Anyway, thanks to everyone who actually ANSWERED my question."

Noooooo… that doesn’t sound like teenage sarcasm at all. Nooo not at all

In what thread did this all happen ?

Well apparently when horsecrazy’s mom wasn’t looking. http://www.lingq.com/forum/12/21807/last/

@Evgueny: “…they didn’t understand our warnings and continued already openly insulting the girl and her mother…”

That’s an easy accusation to make, Evgueny. But where did we “openly insult the girl and her mother”…?

In which specific post did we do this?

For my part I don’t believe that I have insulted anyone. But if you can show me otherwise I will be happy to offer the following apology:


Mit anderen Worten: you don’t find it interesting, so therefore it’s negative…? Hmm, well…

I’m absolutely serious, BTW, if you guys can show me where exactly I have “insulted” Horsecrazy (and/or her mother) I will apologise to them and delete the post.

Now, please help me: show me where exactly I have been “insulting”.

I’m glad you agree that I have not insulted anyone.

No, I can’t agree that going off-topic it is a matter of politeness - I think it is just a matter of convention and forum rules.

This forum belongs to Steve Kaufmann, and in the past he has said that he doesn’t mind if threads go off-topic. As long as he allows us to do this, I don’t see why we shouldn’t do so?

If we didn’t go off topic Paule never would have learned they slang “only quitters quit” I call that language learning. I for one love to learn these slangs in English and in German.

We may have been a bit rude to horsecrazy but the backlash from mommy, Vera, and Evgueny is just absurd.

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The thread wad started with the post of 14-year girl(!) […]Our forum became to be dangerous!"

Nobody knew that she´s a fourteen old girl and then we found out because her mom stepped in. I thought she´s an adult with an arrogant attitude, and I guess the others made the same assumption.
Oh, and why do you think it´s appropriate to call the forum dangerous ? You´re making it sound like we systematically gang-up to bully children…
It seems like you´re doing a “I´m the courageous guy who defends that poor little girl from these evil, dangerous people”.

@ u50623

“Evgueny: I can’t agree more.”
"I am not talking about insulting other forum users. "

In what way can you not agree more with Evgueny’s post if you are not talking about insulting other forum users?

"show me where exactly I have “insulted” Horsecrazy (and/or her mother) " - force_de_frappe
“I am not talking about insulting other forum users.” u50623

Most (all?) of the insulting was done by Evgueny and HorseCrazy´s Mom. Let me repost something I wrote on the infamous “GERMAN words I don´t know”-thread…

Alright. A few people on the internet go off-topic, are basically told to “shut the duck up!”, respond with “take a chill pill” and stay off-topic.
And here´s how Evgueny and Horsecrazy´s Mom respond to this.

Horsecrazy´s Mom:

" I’m really sad for her to see the rudeness and downright hatefulness that she has had to deal with and from so many people.Can you imagine how ganged up on a child would feel? " (HC´s mom)
I can only imagine what your in-real-life relationships are like"
“you insulted the girl because you filled her field(her thread) with anything that is nothingness for her.”
“you responded rudely and yes, hatefully (strong dislike, malicious) based upon your assumptions”
“then you had to go on and on and become like little schoolchildren”
“you just like to have fun at other people’s expense…and that is called bullying and cruelty.”
“these are real people on the other end of the screen”
“…as well as learn how it takes so little of something to stir people up and cause their worst selves to come out”


“You just till now don’t understand THAT YOU WERE BULLYING this young girl!
It’s shame for you!”
"“people like spatterson, Paul and some other young people who would like only to laugh, to make fun of the other people and to deride them.”

One question: Isn´t that overdramatic and much more insulting than the "off-topic-gang"´s posts?

Again, I second Paule’s post.

We are being accused of “hate”, “bullying”, “ganging up”, being “dangerous”, etc… These are actually very serious allegations. Yet, when asked to point to a specific post where any of the above has happened, the accusers become strangely quiet.

@ Evgueny

I just read through the entire “GERMAN words I don´t know” thread again and the only open insults there were made by youself, Vera, and Horsecrazy’s mother (Horsecrazy herself made no insults). The spatterson comment that included calling her ‘crazy horse’ seems pretty bad, but he claims that it was an accident and since both Paule and Vera also called her this, and since I almost did it many times (basically I had to recheck her username for every post I wrote), I guess we have to assume he is telling the truth.

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@force_de_frappe and spatterson, I’ve actually not read the other thread. Guilty as charged. But there’s is so much crap in online comments in general and I so hate them that when someone finally took a position against them, I wanted to express my own displeasure. You guys may or may not have been “ganging up” on that person, I don’t know and I hope you weren’t. I say that in general online comments are too often vile and should not be happening, and I feel just as outraged as Evgeniy.