About sharing things

“Apparently, sharing things, or just having the option to share, undermines the ability to digest and remember them. (Participants were twice as likely to make errors in a comprehension test.) When your attention is partly occupied by thoughts of how you’ll share or discuss what you’re reading, it’s a distraction from actually reading it – made worse, presumably, if your newsfeed’s also scrolling by in the corner of your eye.”
The writer of this article recommends this. “Read when you’re reading, share when you’re sharing.”

"So if you see someone tweet an article, it likely means they either didn’t really read it, or they read every word. "

Actually, I did not follow this advice.

Are you saying, that you didn’t read all those articles you share? Or are you saying the opposite? That, in fact, you read before you share?

In the case of this new thread, I was reading while I was sharing. May my exhausted attention not cause me any trouble! Usually I share after I have finished reading.

I suppose that some Trump supporters tend to retweet without understanding the point of a tweet. I block their tweets and retweets, although I follow the real estate mogul’s account.

Thought so.