About podcast

Hi friends. I want to talk with you about podcasts. Do you listen them only on the language that you learn, or on your native language also. What is your favorite podcast?
I like podcasts very much. It was 2006 when I first time got to know about podcasts. I read an article in a magazine where described what it is and how you can subscribe on them. First podcast which I began to listen on my (russian) language was the «Umputun Weekly Podcast». I sometimes listen to it until now. If you learn russian, may be you will want listen this podcast too. The man who host it, speak in correct and not too fast language, and it is very interesting.
Now I try to listen podcast for native in English. It’s hard for me yet, but too fascinating. For example I listen to «stuff you missed in history class» podcast. If you know some interesting podcast where only one host, please suggest it to me. It’s difficult to understand for me now, when two or three people speak at the same time and interrupt each other.

Hey Maxim, podcasts are a huge part of my language learning (Spanish). It is amazing to have access to so many different and interesting recordings at the touch of a button. There are some great high quality Spanish podcasts out there (my favourite is Podcast del Buho). If you are looking for English language podcasts you should definitely explore the BBC collection, BBC Sounds - Podcasts - Radio 4 and the World Service are where you will find the most useful stuff.

One of the BBC podcasts, From Our Own Correspondent (BBC Radio 4 - From Our Own Correspondent) has both the recordings and the text, which would be excellent for learning English. I really wish there was something similar available in Spanish! I usually download a few different Spanish podcasts, find one I like and listen to it 3 or 4 times. If I am interested in the topic, and like the voices, I can easily listen to it quite a few times without getting bored. I treat them like puzzles, and it is very satisfying once I feel I’ve “solved” the puzzle.

Maxim, try ESL podcast (english as a second language) - its simple and interesting, I listening it in my car and in any other available time.