About paying system

Why not allow to tutors to charge the price for their corrections?
Novice tutors could correct texts freely to earn rating.
High rated tutors could charge as high prices as they want.
This would bring freedom of choice to pupils and teachers.
Which in turn would bring more people to the website.
So therefore the lingq earn more money.
ps sorry for my poor english. i hope you understand

We are looking at introducing more flexibility into our tutoring system at some time in the future. These are interesting ideas.

These are in fact excellent suggestions. I’ve been waiting for years for something like that to be implemented. I don’t submit any writings for correction at LingQ because I consider this service to be overpriced here. Instead of that I email texts to my tutors directly and we go over them during our conversations. This way I get much more feedback at a reasonable rate. But I can do this only in languages I’m comfortable speaking! If I can’t have a conversation, I have either to wait until I can or to pay a lot more than I’m comfortable doing, or to find a tutor outside the system. I hope that setting writing correction rates free helps in closing that gap. I would really prefer LingQ to be a complete system. I am really curious about when I’ll be able to send my writings to a lot of tutors because different people give different types of feedback, but at the present moment I’m constrained with the people I have such agreements with (I mean agreements about working through email + conversations). When you have 90% of what you need within the system and regularly have to search for the remaining 10%, it is still disappointing.

I suggest the http://lang-8.com/ webpage, native people correct the things you write for free (you should help the community too :))