About Nuntii Latini

Hello, Latin learners and language fans in general!
Before Latin was added to Lingq as beta language, I wrote to the Finnish radio programme “Nuntii latini” to ask for the permission to share their podcasts (mp3 + transcript) on Lingq. They still haven’t answered.
Steve said that LingQ won’t get involved in this since Latin is a beta language, but suggested that the more people write to Nuntii Latini, the more likely we are to get an answer.
Check their website at Nuntii Latini | Yle Areena – podcastit and write them at nuntii.latini @ yle.fi (remove the blanks).
Remember that the future of beta languages is in our hands! :slight_smile:

Mike, if these guys agree, I would urge YOU to record and upload their texts - rather than using their existing audio files.

(I find that Latin sounds so much better with an Italian accent rather than with a Finnish accent!)

Thanks for the compliment, Jay, but I doubt I would manage to re-record all those files. I’m already having a hard time recording the Vicipaedia articles I’m sharing. It takes me up to 10 minutes to get an acceptable recording of a 1- or 2-minute lesson. :frowning:

By the way, did you write them to ask for sharing permission?

There is a German podcast Nuntii latini from www.radiobremen.de. (http://tinyurl.com/3pc88qp)
I have sent them a request for permission to use their podcasts on LingQ. I would hope that they allow at least some older news bulletins to be shared on LingQ. If not, you can go to their website and import text and audio for private use.

Thanks, Reinhard!
Of course we can import those podcast privately, but I’m not so interesting in doing it because I am focusing on Polish now and, honestly, I prefer reading literature in Latin than Nuntii Latini (btw, I can barely stand their Finnish pronunciation!). I would just like to share those podcasts to make the Latin library bigger. I know that some learners are more interesting in the communicative aspect of Latin than I am. That’s why I have translated “Greetings and goodbyes” (still looking for a recording partner!).

Michele, one advantage of these sites like Nunti is that they are keeners on Latin. When we approach people who are promoting Latin, we should try to get them interested in LingQ as a means of helping them achieve their objectives in promoting Latin. This may indirectly help to spread the word about LingQ. As the link below indicates we are not attracting anywhere near the attention that our competitors do. Any ideas on improving that would help, bearing in mind that we do not have the means to run a big PR and advertizing campaign.

Well, maybe I didn’t accentuate the benefits they would get if they allowed us to share their podcasts at LingQ… Should I write them again? Or, maybe, someone else can do it and stress the advantages for both parts.

I will write to the Nuntii Latini people in Finland and see what happens. I personally think their accent is pretty cool and I find the modern ecclesiastical style of pronunciation with the “ch” sounds instead of the classical hard "c"s is very grating to my ears so to each his/her own I guess!

I wrote an email to the Nuntii Latini of Radio Bremen (D), but haven’t got an answer yet. They may not be interested or it’s against their policies (public radio station). However, the podcast is available on iTunes; that’s where I found it together with the Finnish podcast.

Still, this is not a reason for not answering. We have a saying in Italian: “Asking is legitimate, answering is courtesy” (this is just a word-by-word translation…). They don’t seem to know it. :slight_smile:

They finally answered today… just to say we cannot share their material here. :frowning:

That’s too bad. Once Latin gains some traction, perhaps we can approach them again.

Well, I am not sure I want to approach them again. One month for a plain no without giving any reasons why! Maybe Steve can contact them once Latin has become a supported language. :slight_smile:

Reinhard, did you eventually get a reply from Radio Bremen?

No, I never did. You could try asking them again though. Sometimes there can be a problem with cintact email addresses. It has happened to me before that they changed it and nobody looked at the old address. It’s a pity because the recordings are more pleasant to listen to than the ones with a Finnish accent. For the language both could be useful of course.

Well, Reinhard, I just think they don’t want to answer… and I doubt they would reply to me if they didn’t get back to you. For me, it was enough to wait for the Finnish radio’s answer and to get such a disappointing one!

Although I am not doing Latin at the moment, I’ll give RadioBremen a call tomorrow - it’s not that expensive over Skype. Perhaps I can get an answer out of them, any answer that is…

Should it be positive, I’ll let Reinhard know and he can then do his bit.

My experience is that German radio stations give not permission. It has to do with the copyright. They have usually special contracts with the author, speakers etc. that determines how the radio station can use the recording. Everyone has to give permission that the recording can be used in special cases. And usually they have only permission to use it on their radio station.

Thanks for the link anyway. Everyone of us can still import these for personal use.