About New Group.Eiken Study Group

Hello, everyone.
Actually three of us started a new group here in LingQ.
This is “Eiken Study Group.”
Our group has jusy

Every time one of us prepare one topic, and lead/coordinate a discussion in turn.
At every discussion, each of us prepare and deliver a 2-minute speech on the topic, and after each speech we have some discussion time and ask some questions on what he/she talked about.
(We take this format of the discussion since this is a format for the 2nd interview format of Eiken Grade 1 test.)

We’ll be all glad to welcome you.
Just try some of our discussions. This group is very new and right now our group has three members. There is one more room. Why don’t you log in our discussions?
Also we are meeting every two weeks, and basically a.m.5:00( Japan time),Sunday.
Next our discussion is going to be held at a.m.5:00, Sep.7.(Japan time)

Lastly, let me give you some information about Eiken.
Actually the members of this group are preparing for Grade 1 Eiken test, one of the most authorized English proficiency tests in Japan.
Here is a webpage on Eiken test, and I hope it’ll be helpful to get an idea about what kind of test it is.


Eiken test has two stages, and the only persons who pass the first stage can go on to the second stage, speaking test.
Our group focuses on this 2nd stage, speaking test.

At the second stage, you’ll given some new topics. After one minute thinking time, you are supposed to deliver a 2-minute speech. Right after your speech, you’ll be asked some questions about it.

Here is the list of the example topics.


The topic presented in the past are very simular to the those in TOEFL writing test.(I took some TOEFL tests in the past, and I found many things in common between TOEFL and Eiken.)
So I hope our discussions will be helpful with preparation for TOEFL as well.

Even if you are not going to take any test right now, we’ll be so happy to welcome you as long as you like our way or format of discussions and eager to enjoy delivering 2-minute speeches and Qs and As on them.

Thank you for showing an interest in our Kiken group.

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