About MS Arabic:


I’m looking for some LingQ-like system whereby I can learn Arabic. I just can’t find good source for beginners that includes listening and reading activities, though it’s a widespread language.

I wish you will help me, thanks in advance!

We hope to add Arabic and other languages but cannot say when.

Really, it’s very hard to find a “LingQ-like system” apart from LingQ. I was looking for 2 years for something LingQ-like to help me learn Russian, and found nothing useful until I found LingQ.

Ask that guy Pierre, he seems to have a million ideas…

Oh thanks!
It seems like there’s nothing similar to what I’m seeking for out there. Never mind, it’s not an urgent issue for me now. I have to deal with my English study first. Of course it would be cool if Arabic was available on LingQ since I can’t imagine a system more efficient that this.

By the way, great community. Steve you are the BEST :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: