About LingQ Courses

Earlier today, I clicked on the Courses link on Marianne’s (leie92’s) profile and saw what courses looked like. They seems to be useful, so I wonder why they are no longer available.
And now, about the so-called Courses that were introduced few months ago: are they really useful? Do many students use them? I have just created one in English with the full Anne of Green Gables novel and one in Italian with “Cuore”, but I am not sure if it’s worth to create more.

The reason the previous courses were removed is that they were simply not used enough. We decided to make some changes and redirect our focus from the old version of courses onto other things.

Courses provide a unique way to combine lessons that are from different collections (and even different providers), which we think is helpful to some users. However, it’s difficult to actually track the usage of courses, since the users are in essence taking individual lessons.

That being said, you must’ve seen all the threads about Anne of Green Gables and how it was inconvenient to study the book on LingQ since the providers were different. At least we’ve solved one problem :slight_smile:

I would create more courses for German if they could be rated (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). I wrote about this earlier: Some Thoughts About The Courses - Language Forum @ LingQ

I decided to add only beginner courses because beginners have often problems to figure out how to start. Intermediate and advanced learners will probably be able work on their own. But I would really love to create more courses as soon as courses could be rated.

Marianne’s French courses were extremely helpful when I started. They provided structure for my study and helped me understand how LingQ works.

Yes, and now they are gone! :frowning:

Yvette, they can be done differently. On my profile, there is a link to the ‘program’. You get what to study and the discussions and writings are done with the actual system…

@ Mike. After getting some feedbacks like above regarding my courses, I was sorry when the system for these courses disappeared, but I have shared the link on my profile because they can still be done! :slight_smile: If you or anyone arre interested in some of my courses, it is possible.