About ilingq

I was using ilingq(ipod app).
There is a log in screen when you open the ilingq.
So I entered my account but I coudn’t.
The Username was correct and the password, too.
When I Tab the “Login” button, a Message appears.
It says “Server not responding”
So I can’t even log in and open a lesson.
Please, help me.

(Actually I’m a English learner so my writing may not be easily understood. ㅠㅠ)

I had that problem in one of my languages and deleted the lessons in my LingQ lessons page. Then I chose them again from the Library.

Note that you also need to be a paying member of LingQ for the app to work.

@sweet_as_a_chocolate - It sounds like you are having some internet connection problems. Do you have a good wifi connection? If your connection is interrupted you won’t be able to log in.