About a famous chocolate company

Is Cadbury an example of TNCs? RT @guardiannews: Cadbury’s secret Swiss move will cost UK exchequer millions in tax http://bit.ly/eOYYgE

Does TNC stand for tax neutral companies? If so, then it looks as if it may be pulled that way…

TNC stands for Transnational corporations. Some people differentiate them from Multinational corporations referring to the principles of behavior of the corporations, that is, the existence or non-existence of the “home” county. If British prime minister cannot have a say to the move, Cadbury is considered a TNC.

Johnnie Walker walked out into Holland. Tax avoidance: how big business cuts its bills | Tax and spending | The Guardian

Cadbury is moving to Swiss, but the company that bought Cadbury, Kraft, is based in Chicago. I am confused. Chocolate, chewing gum and corner shops: why Kraft can't resist Cadbury | Mondelēz | The Guardian

I hope that nobody will bother to ask me why I am interested in a chocolate company; I don’t know if I am practicing writing in the English language.

Swiss chocolate!! mmmmmmmmmmmmm



Schweizer means Swiss, isn’t it?

Ja! Die Schweiz = Switzerland; Schweizer = Swiss

Danke schön.

isn’t it? —> doesn’t it?

I might be practicing writing in English.

British prime minister —> THE British prime minister

have a say to the move —> have a say IN the move