Able to share blog link outside LingQ?

Hi folks,

I have a newbie question, as I’m just starting to write LingQ blogs / posts… but is there a way to link to an individual blog post on LingQ, and send that URL to someone who doesn’t have a LingQ account yet? Basically I want to let them laugh at the audio version of my newbie attempts to speak :wink:

@syneryder - You can share your profile. If you do that, your friends will be able to see your post. It is a good suggestion to be able to share the post. We will look into that for the future.

Ahh, cool… I was hoping to find a direct link to a single post, so they wouldn’t have to scroll through to find which post I was referring to. (Maybe the time posted / “July 2013” could be a hyperlink to the post that I could right-click & copy, much like Twitter does.) But sharing the profile link is better than nothing! And I wouldn’t mind a small “join LingQ, learn more here” link at the bottom of the individual post URL pages either, to help promote LingQ… especially if they include my referral link :wink:

There actually is a post page for each post so we just need to enable it so that it can be seen and shared for these types of posts. Right now Exchange Request posts can be shared like you describe. We just need to enable the same thing for standard posts. We are quite happy if members want to share their LingQ activities with friends!

@syneryder - We have added a link now to access the post page for a post. Just click on the little dropdown in the top right of a post to see this option.

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Oh wow, that’s perfect! And added so quickly too… I’m super impressed. Thanks so much for this! :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley: