A way to import almost any text into LingQ, including protected e-books

  1. Take a screenshot of the area you want to process. On Mac I hold down ‘command control shift’ with three fingers, then press ‘4’. I select the required area and press ‘enter’. This procedure saves the selected area.
  2. Paste the text into a Word or similar doc. I do four pages of the well-known e-book reader displayed in the app on my Macbook.
  3. Save the document as a PDF file.
  4. Open the PDF file in a converter program such as ‘Readiris’ and save the doc. again as a text document, eg Word.
  5. Select the text in this document and past into an Import Lesson on Lingq. The result is a perfect rendition of the original famous reader (or other protected text) as a lesson in LingQ.

Perhaps some members have an easier way to bypass the protection to enable such texts to be turned into LingQ lessons. If so, please share them. However, the above procedure is much simpler than it appears in writing.

Not absolutely perfect. I had to change one word in the last chapter I imported, and join one split sentence.

Do remember, copywrite-protected material cannot be shared publicly.

calibre has an ebook to text file DRM-removal plugin. It’s probably the best/easiest solution