A way to choose our own Linqs to make our own flashcards!

That would be the most valuable feature for me in Lingq. Everytime I make a Lingq that I know willl be very useful in my everyday life, I want to ‘save’ it somewhere to review it on spaced reptition basis.
Making our own flashcards from lingqs would be SO much easier than building them on some other app. Its so time consuming, BUT, if we can click and build em here, great!
I think a simple addition would be beneficial, such as adding a ‘favorites’ where we have the 1,2,3,4, check mark boxes.

I don’t really understand. You can review all the LingQs you create (yellow words). Just go to the Vocabulary page to find them. If you want to review specific lists of terms, ie. most important or conditional tense etc…, use the tags to label them and then filter by these tags on the Vocabulary page.

What is it that you aren’t able to do?