A warning about when Hindi becomes available

I don’t know how it is with Podcast availability and if it has these problems but it seems ANY Bollywood movie has had a plague of English in them for the last 20 years or slightly more. What I’m saying is you will hear Hindi peppered with English or even just entire sentences of English pop up. Hopefully there are podcasts entirely in Hindi with not entire sentences of English popping up.
I hope the same holds true for importing eBooks. I thought Brahmastra Chronicles would be good to read in Hindi but imagine my surprise to find out English is the only option.
Music of course is fine so go looking there if you feel like it.
Oh and lest I forget this comment for movies tends to apply for news too on Indian TV.
Not trying to discourage anyone here as I wish to learn Hindi as well as at least Telegu if not Tamil as well.

This seems to be quite a normal thing in multilingual countries especially when one of the languages is a world language like English. I know that in South Africa English and Afrikaans are often mixed in normal conversation. Even in English many foreign words are used naturally, especially French and even quite a few Hindi words. I believe that in India educated Indians have assimilated many english words and phrases and these are used in a very natural manner as part of day to day language.
Whether this is a good or bad thing I cannot comment!

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Assuming Hindi will ever be added, you know what they say about assumptions, right? Lol No offence intended :wink:

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I’d say bad if you’re actually trying to learn said foreign language and entire phrases keep popping up.
Like I said I thyought I’d be able to find “Brahmastra Chronicles” written in Hindi and no such luck. I’d ask the author of it if I could find his contact info but no such luck.

These English phrases and words are also written in devanagari. They are a natural part of the language, almost like Sanskrit, Persian, Tamil, Arabic and other loanwords are part of Hindi. If you want to speak naturally like a native speaker, you need to use them too. If you read modern literature, they will also appear. In more classical literature you can find more Sanskrit words for example. I know very little Hindi but I can speak and read more Sanskrit and I can say that Sanskrit helps quite a bit to learn Hindi although English helps a lot too for modern conversations.

Young people sometimes also write Hindi and Urdu in the Latin alphabet when they’re chatting or using social media.

That’s the English word ‘school’ in Hindi स्कूल and the Sanskrit word would be विद्यालयः
In Hindi you can also use the sanskritised word विद्यालय but the English word is more common now and current textbooks teach the English word for ‘school’ in Hindi. It’s also important to get used to the Hindi pronunciation of some English words in Hindi and to match them with the Hindi prosody.

You said you were looking for ब्रह्मास्त्र - I hope this helps: ब्रह्मास्त्र : अँड. उदय ल. भेब्र : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Is that what you were looking for?

I’m also hoping for Hindi to be added soon. I’m using Assimil for Hindi.

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