A walled city called Carcassonne

Have you ever been to the city of Carcassonne in France?
How the name is pronounced?

kahkason or kahkasone?

My last post before going to eat the last cherries.
Yes, I have been there. Where can I send you a recording Ytk?


Could you explain the pronunciation using English words that have similar pronunciations?
What was the city like?

Karkasonn (deutsches ‘r’).


Is the city famous?

I am not trying to compare the city with the wall function at LingQ.

The city is quite famous (these days also for its connection with the Cathars) and has a fascinating history. Like my home town it has World Heritage status. It is on my ‘to do’ or rather ‘to see’ list.

Yes, I’ ve ever been there in November, 2008 just after visiting my friend in Tolouse. Then, I took the airplane “Ryan Air” to go to Dublin and London.
It is a beautiful city, many places to discover and people are very friendly. If possible, I would like to visit it again.

I was in Carcasonne in 2002. It was very interesting in my mind. I enjoyed my visit. You find some pictures on Carcassonne - Wikipedia that gave you an idea about how it looks like.

There is a famous game called “Carcassonne” too. I played it often with my sister and my nieces.

I forgot to say. At the Youth Hostel in Carcassonne, I met a french receptionist, whose name is Michel, who speaks many languages (including Japanese and Chinese). His Japanese is very good! And I remember he write the Chinese character “rose” 薔薇 on a sheet of paper for me. Actually, I don’t know this character.
After finishing working at night, he show me the most beautiful place in Carcassonne.


Was he an famous person there? I think I heard about him somewhere a long time ago.

an famous → a famous