A very useful new feature

The latest update to the site has brought along some useful features, among them one that’ve always wanted to see: A Known Words Leader Board for each language that’s accessible on the Community page.

I find it to be useful for two reasons, one for motivation, of course, but two, it gives an overall idea of the kind of numbers that are achievable with this method, and the differences between individual words achievable / language studied.

Previously, there was only a leader board for activity points and LingQs created, but I always found those to be a bit skewed, because beginners and intermediates may create a lot of LingQs, but an advance student who comes to this site may read a book and mark all words known without creating hardly any LingQs. I’ve always felt that known words marked should be the ultimate goal of the site and LingQs are just a means to an end.


I agree with you, it is a fun feature. I hope the rest of you Korean learners get motivated to hit 100K before me! :slight_smile:

I guess the previous leaderboards where just trying to measure activity, but as you say it might have been “unfair” for certain users. Now that the we have leaderboard for known words, I think Words of reading should be added as well. Overall, and especially when it comes to output, I believe that the most important thing is Words of reading and Hours of listening (way way more important than Hours of speaking).