A useful statistic would be

…number and percentage of words of status 1 - 3 in each lesson. Because some of us (I can’t be the only one) create lingqs faster than we learn them. After a while, number of new words isn’t the issue, it’s the number of words in a lesson that we’ve come across, created a definition for, but haven’t encountered often enough to have learned it.

I realise it’s all extra processing, and perhaps you don’t need to calculate it for all the lessons on the library shelves, but once a lesson’s on my desktop it would be nice to watch the percentage of words being learned dropping.

I completely support this statement

@ Helen

I suggest to post your idea on Get Satisfaction (http://getsatisfaction.com/lingq), so that people can vote it, and LingQ can assess its potential value.

This is a tricky issue. Once upon a time we did track and show New Words to Created LingQs to Learned LingQs. However, the last two numbers served to confuse new members. Once you understand how the system works, those numbers are helpful but initially they are just two more numbers to try to explain to people. In addition, as you say, it is extra processing time. Perhaps we might be able to find a less conspicuous way to display this information.

At any rate, put it on Get Satisfaction and we’ll see what others think.

Only a few people use “Getsatisfaction”. I guess many people are bored or overwhelmed by the number of places where you can find LingQ. Just another place. I once signed up for Getsatisfaction, but I’m not sure if it really works in the community. Personally, I prefer the forum.

Vera, you know we always welcome feedback, whatever the medium :slight_smile:
The reasoning behind getsatisfaction.com is that it provides a great interface to keep track of these ideas and suggestions that people have, making it easier for other members to see what ideas are popular and easily add their support to ideas that were already suggested. It would be great if people did more actively use it in relation to new ideas, suggestions, complaints, etc., but rest assured that all suggestions given, whether on the forum, on Facebook, through email, etc. are all considered. We were simply looking for a way to better organize all those mediums into one place.